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Contour CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid Pillow

Contour CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid Pillow

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The Contour CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid Pillow is an innovative device that provides CPAP mask users with maximum comfort while they sleep. CPAP masks often leave users feeling uncomfortable and frustrated while trying to sleep as the mask tends to press and rub against the user's face. The Contour CPAP pillow greatly reduces any discomfort, mask leaks or pressure on the face and provides users with better neck support for greater air flow. Featured on ABC's GMA Health Segment on products that help treat sleep apnea, this CPAP nasal pillow will make sleep more pleasant for the whole family.
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PAP Machines Maintenance & Warranties

PAP machines are covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. If your machine malfunctions within 3 years of the original purchase date, please bring your machine into our office and we will give you a brand new replacement machine.

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